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Replacing polycarbonate skylights

We provide a service to replace old constructions with modern polycarbonate skylights, used as an alternative lighting of production halls, farm buildings, attics, workshops and other facilities. They are a durable and economical source of natural lighting in rooms.


Steel and glass skylights made of reinforced glass cause heat loss and are prone to cracking and leaks. Chamber polycarbonate due to its low weight, good thermal insulation and mechanical properties is ideally suited for the production of roof lighting.

Polycarbonate boards come in a variety of colors, however, for the construction of roof skylights and continuous skylights, colorless plates, the so-called crystal and dairy plates are the most commonly used. opal, the same they are the most easily available. The construction made of polycarbonate is several times lighter than reinforced glass, it is also more resistant to mechanical damage and better tolerates atmospheric conditions, saving heat energy.